13 August 2014

My Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Nurturing Your Wellbeing With Creativity

I know that writing and creativity are catalysts to healing and today I am going to share with you three reasons why I believe this to be true.

1 – To gain clarity (in the present and for the future, while acknowledging the past)

I have always kept an ‘art journal’ in one form or another, sometimes just pages of scribbles and doodles bundled together with string, other times a bursting at the seams diary full of words, drawings, photographs, findings and keepsakes.

In the beginning I didn’t know why, it just felt natural and like something I needed to do. They weren’t for anyone else, just me. I now know that telling my story in this creative way mattered. It still matters now.

Telling your story matters. It matters to you. Or it will matter to you one day, even if you don’t know it yet.

You don’t have to ‘literally’ share your story with anyone else, but you must still tell it. Parts of it, even. Creativity has a gentle and honest way of introducing you to yourself in its process.

There is so much to be gained from looking back and realising how far we’ve come, what we have learnt. The process is not only helpful to us in the present moment of creating and telling the story but it can also be a strong and honest teacher to us in the future.

2 – To push your boundaries and grow (step outside of your comfort zone)

For me, the creative process is almost magical. It forces us to show up to start with, then sneakily it pushes us to explore, to take risks, to make mistakes, to start over, to embrace the happy accidents, to work with the flow and not against it. All the while encouraging us in that safe place to do those wild things.

Creativity empowers us and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it happening.  

When we start to look back at our creative works and practice we see our journey, we see our growth. It instils a sense of trust and knowing, while reinforcing beliefs for the future that ‘I have come this far with my brave life…anything is possible’.

Art journaling can also guide us in understanding our needs, setting our goals for the future, it’s a safe place and a safe practice that allows us to be honest with ourselves.

3 – To look at yourself with kind eyes (you do not need to judge)

Being creative encourages you to spill yourself open. To put yourself ‘out there’. It holds you accountable for your truths. It helps you see yourself from a new perspective. Most importantly, will not judge you.

The creative process will stretch you and introduce you to yourself but it will not judge, only encourage you to look at yourself with kind eyes.

Being creative does not have to mean producing a finished and beautiful page. Measure the success of your creative practice by how it feels to you.

When the truth comes out and you recognise those truths as part of your being, you will see yourself. Truly see yourself. 

What unexpected benefits have you experienced through creativity? I'd love you to share your story in the comments below.

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