15 August 2014

Five Simple Ways To Ease Self-care Into Your Day

  1. Take some time to think about what self care means to you. If you found yourself with an extra half an hour in the day to do with as you please, how would you fill it? Make a note of these things.
  2. Find that extra half an hour. Make time. Get up half an hour earlier, spend less time checking emails/facebook/twitter (all those minutes add up!) delegate some household chores if you can, organisation is the key. Plan your day with those things you need to get done and write in the time for your self-care activities.
  3. Make a commitment. Stick to it. Even if it means having to say ‘no’ at times. This is the time of day where you make you your priority.
  4. Overcome the thought that it is selfish. Taking time out for yourself should not be a guilty pleasure.  Once you get over this hurdle you will relax into a routine where practicing self-care daily is a natural and rewarding habit. Look forward to it. Embrace it.
  5. Nurture the habit. Be aware of your needs, maybe they will change, maybe you would benefit from introducing a new self-care activity. Be bold, be brave and do what you need to do for you, don’t be afraid to keep your routine fresh, new and most importantly rewarding to you. This really is a habit that will flourish if nurtured.

How do you ease self-care into your days?

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