The Unearth Your Creativity Workshop

Have you…

…Always wanted to art journal but don’t know where to start?

Do you…

…want to be able to express yourself creatively?

Are you ready to…

…experience the wellbeing benefits of creativity?

I can help you…

…unearth your creativity

…infuse your creative work with ‘you’ and ‘your beliefs’

…nurture your wellbeing through creativity

…begin your forever journey of brave un-tethered living

This workshop includes 
  • 7 prompts
  • 2 how to tutorials
  • a private online group to share and support

and did I mention its FREE? Yes, free, think of it as a gift from me to you, I believe in this with all of me and I want you to begin to experience a creatively enriched life too.

This 7 day workshop will take you on a brave and gentle journey, exploring creative techniques and journaling prompts…these will be the first little steps on your forever journey of brave un-tethered living.

The next workshop will start on September 8th

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