03 August 2014

6 Brave Rules for Un-tethered Living

1. Letting go is not quitting. It is recognizing when holding on is holding you back. It is finding comfort in accepting those things you cannot change.

2. Look for beauty in the ordinary moments of life. It is everywhere. Seek it out. Breathe it in
Embrace it with gratitude.

3. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Act on them. Be true to you.

 4. Take care. Of your mind, your body, your creative soul. Make space, make time for self-care. Daily. 

5. As often as possible. In small doses. Connect to yourself in this way. Explore. Share your story. Get messy. Make mistakes. Revel in the process.

6. Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t stay stuck. Accept it, learn from it, grow with it. 

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